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What is Web Design?

Web Design is an essential service for local businesses and large companies alike. Digital is at the forefront of modern marketing with the internet providing consumers with a fast, convenient way to shop, research and interact with organisations of all sizes.

The practice of web design is an umbrella term that refers to multiple skills and services related to the creation of websites. Typically, web design includes a mix of graphic, usability, interface and experience design but can also be used to describe the build or development of websites too. The process of creating a website often combines the design of the site before the build takes place.

Web Design in Ashby

Businesses will often utilise the services of web design agencies to aid in the planning, design and development of a website. While larger companies may have in-house marketing teams with web design resources, these too often make use of agencies to bolster staff skillsets. Other options available to those seeking web design services are freelancers, these one-man-band operations usually are a cheaper alternative for those with limited budgets. Agencies operate across the country, and the Web Design Ashby sector is no different, with several agencies and freelancers in the area.

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Web design teams should be well-versed in design and development processes and offer clients a professional service. However, standards can vary significantly between agencies and freelancers across the industry and businesses should proceed with caution when hiring a web designer or agency. Organisations purchasing web design services are advised to shop around, check credentials, portfolio examples and testimonials to make sure the team they hire are trustworthy and deliver high-quality work.

The importance of creating a high-quality website for your company is a huge marketing consideration. Your site will essentially become your shop window that’s always available for anyone to find and see. The standard of your website will significantly impact other online marketing avenues such as SEO and Pay Per Click Advertising as well as how well the site will persuade customers to buy your products and services (conversion rate).

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