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Who we are…

We’re Ashby Places! An exciting, brand new website seeking to put Ashby de la Zouch on the map! Our objective is to promote local businesses and tourist attractions. For that reason, we have created a simple and straightforward directory of Ashby’s retailers and we hope this will enhance and highlight the importance and necessity of maintaining the unique charm of High Street shops that Ashby can be proud to possess.

Why Ashby Places?

We hope that Ashby Places will help to sustain a strong sense of community spirit. Our up-to-date directory can help you keep connected with everything that is going on. Using the drop-down menus at the top of the website for navigation, browse a wide variety of restaurants, shops, events, clubs and societies. Whether you are looking for a new place to eat, or thinking about joining a new club to pursue an interest, explore every alternative right at your fingertips. As we grow and more businesses join us, we hope that the website will really flourish into it’s own and be a high quality template for other towns to follow. Ashby Places is convenient and manageable for everybody so that viewing all of the fantastic opportunities here in Ashby is accessible to everyone.

Sounds great, but why shop locally?

High Street shops are at the heart of our communities; they provide an original and personal shopping experience like nothing else. First and foremost, local traders are job creators, in this way businesses are intrinsically important for the future of the town and it’s residents. Additionally, local shop owners often support other local trades and businesses; this benefits the community as a whole and creates positive working relationships and environments. Secondly, local traders have a superior understanding of what their customers need. The influence that verbal communication has is often overshadowed somewhat by the Internet, but local traders have the fundamental ability to engage with the community effortlessly through their extensive experience and unique insight. Finally, it benefits the customer to shop locally because it encompasses the spirit of the High Street, and there really is nothing better than the in-store experience particularly when finding that perfect, customised gift.

I’m interested, but what can you do for my business?

The best thing about Ashby Places is that it is completely free to list your business. There are absolutely no hidden costs, we simply want to raise the profile of Ashby and improve the recognition of Ashby’s many attractions for potential customers, visitors and local residents. Ashby Places aims to be both a companion for your business and a useful tool for residents and visitors. We recognise the importance of local traders and therefore Ashby Places is a useful way to connect with other independent traders in the local area. The High Street is continually evolving to meet the needs of the consumer; consequently it is essential that local retailers remain one step ahead. We are enthusiastic about Ashby and are looking forward to sharing this enthusiasm with local businesses who would like to be listed on our website!


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